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Badenyon and Glenbuchat: Trivia and Arcana

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Lost Farm Barley

Badenyon and the www

Upper Donside & Strathdon Community Pages

with links to businesses, recreation, etc etc


Glen Nochty

excellent www site at http://www.glen-nochty.com/

includes a seven generation tree of the Farquarsons... does this include Jeannie's ancestors?

Glen Kindie

a family history site with useful links to local information & history


The History and Genealogy of Glenbuchat, Aberdeenshire, Scotland


Glenbuchat Parish information at


Googling "Badenyon" is annoying, because you get over 1500 hits, but most are just to web sites that have put the whole gazeteer of Scotland into their headers. By slicing these out, I can get down to ~250 (on 01/05/2005) but who knows what gets missed...
The search can be repeated by clicking HERE.
As most of these appear to be to John O'Badenyon, a further-refined search is HERE.

Lost Farm Barley

What does "Badenyon" mean?

the Scottish Parliament's Gaelic Placenames gazetteer gives

Badenyon (Aberdeen).

This appears to be "the copse of the bird", from Bad an EÃ?in , but is uncertain.

Lost Farm Barley

Music of Badenyon: John O'Badenyon

John O' Badenyon is a famous reel, attributed to the Reverend John Skinner (1721-1807) [see also the Burns Encyclopaedia entry on Skinner], much derivatised and reworked [even Franz Josef Haydn seems to have had a go in 1792!]: see Google for links to sheet music of the reel, and other information on it. Its been recorded by lots of people, both Breton fiddler-folkies and Haydn-completists. Those with a linguistic bent can go to HMV Japan for one recent release.

Googling "John O'Badenyon"

Lost Farm Barley

Badenyon and Glenbuchat: Pointlessness

and for those bored of the real world...

Wikipedia now has an entry for Badenyon!

Add your nuggets of reality.


Dissatisfied with your current outlook? You need Cosmetic Surgeons in Badenyon, Aberdeen


Lost Farm Barley

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