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Badenyon and Glenbuchat: Historical

Jeanie-Ann and the other Farquharsons of Badenyon gravestone at Strathdon church

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Badenyon archaeology links and info on the archaeology of the Badenyon hillock
Badenyon limekiln Badenyon has a very fine limekiln
Badenyon aerial photos Fly-pasts old and new
Badenyon at the RCAHMS (the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments)
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Strathdon Vital Records


The Beatties of Badenyon are at http://www.geocities.com/swalker7736/beattie.htm

"These pages represent a semi-systematic attempt to comprehensively transcribe and/or gather Strathdon OPR records, as well as death and other vital records."

The History and Genealogy of Glenbuchat, Aberdeenshire, Scotland


see also "The Hays of Glenbuchat" at http://members.shaw.ca/doughay/hayglen.htm

"This site is intended to be the central focus for a One-Place study of history, geography and genealogy of the residents of the Parish of Glenbuchat. We welcome anyone to join in, look at the names on the list and contact those names of interest which have Researchers beside them. If your name of interest doesn't yet have a researcher, then please consider volunteering to be one. Contact Doug Hay"

GlenBuchat in the Poll Book of 1696


A transcript of of the Aberdeenshire Poll Book of 1696 from "The Book of Glenbuchat" (3rd spalding Club, Aberdeen, 1952) by Douglas Simpson

The Michies of Badenyon, from Scalan News 26, 2003

a copy of this web article is posted here

A bit of genealogical and social history researching by George Watt of GlenLivet.

Census of the Parish of Glenbuchat 1841


part of the more extensive 1841 Census of the Parish of Strathdon at http://users.tinyonline.co.uk/amchardy/

A transcription of the 1841 census records

The Limekilns of Donside - A Forgotten Heritage  

by Ken Cruickshank, John Nisbet and Moira Greig


"This is a unique record of the ancient limekilns in the glens of Upper Donside, in Strathdon, Corgarff, Glenbuchat and Towie.  The authors located 106 of these kilns from old maps and field exploration." The top page has a photo of Badenyon kiln.

Genealogy of the family Begg


Entertainingly, there is a Canadian site (http://www.lightspeed.ca/personalpage/
daweshill/HarryBegg/HarryBegg.html) with transcriptions of letters from and to Beggs-es in the early 1800's including letters mentioning a John Begg of Badenyon in 1833 and 1834.

The Genalogy Forum web page for all things Begg-related. Some discussion of Beggs of Badenyon.

The Electric Scotland project has the Ordnance Gazeteer of Scotland (Edited by Francis H. Groome (1892-1896)) online. Here is a link to the Badenyon page, downloaded from http://www.electricscotland.com/history/gazetteer/vol1page108.htm

Lost Farm Barley

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