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The Natural History of Badenyon

This is an ongoing project to provide a digital, online, visual natural history of Badenyon and the surrounding glens. It started in June 2006, and so isn't VERY complete as yet, but there are already hundreds of photographs illustrating tens of species.

If you have photos of animals, plants, fungi or other organisms (protozoa, for instance are VERY unrepresented at present) please do tell Mark.

If you can identify any of the unidentified ones (or correct the misidentified ones), also contact Mark.

The pictures are currently organised, loosely, into

Charismatic megafauna (animals big enough to measure with a ruler)
Meiofauna (animals that really need a microscope to see them well)
Flora (organised by colour of flower)
Fungi (including lichens...)

(if you look on the Natural History top page there are additional pages of images not yet incorporated into the above...)

The Scottish Bioidiversity Project has a list of biodiversity plan organisms recorded in and around Glen Buchat.

Lost Farm Barley

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